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generative art/processing1.0/2009

I believe that there exists a deep and compelling collective narrative born accidentally from what we think and do everyday in isolation from one another. I believe that this narrative is as valid and as touching as the deliberate script penned down by a writer of fiction, if not more so.

In this project, I attempt to uncover narration patterns from the collective consciousness, as embodied in users' input to the social networking website, There, millions of individuals provide glimpses of their daily lives, hopes, and fears, in the form of 140-character long answers to the question, “What Are You Doing Right Now?

Using computational algorithms, I harvest the stream of the openly-provided data looking for stories made up of different individuals' input, glimpses of the lives of different persons, but all revolving around the same common but private event, object, or thought. The result of this experiment has been recorded and presented here to hopefully inspire, or at least argue that our lives are so entwined, even if accidentally.

Exhibited in the Emirates Society of Fine Arts' 28th Annual Exhibition.