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visual documentation/photography/image processing/2011—

I am one of the lucky few who live across three cities.

In Ras Al-Khaimah I find my escapist self. It is my hometown, place of birth, and where I generally spend my weekends. Among its decaying, abandoned places, I see the prospects, all the beautiful prospects that a young being, be it a man or a city, is eager to fulfil.

Dubai is also young, but very ambitious. I live, work, and play there. It is a wonderland yet it is terribly pragmatic. It is a city of steel, gears, and reflective architecture.

Abu Dhabi is covered in a mist of sophistication that only a capital can afford. It does not need to to flaunt its beauty; you will have to work for it, discover it for yourself. The subtle architecture is made of narrative, of a meaningful past, of a commitment to preserve what makes a country a home.

This is an ongoing, deeply personal project to document the spirit of the three wondrous cities that I carry with me wherever I go. is white if you say so.jpg build things for the building of things.jpg trees and a sea.jpg are you trying to tell me, Universe-_v2.jpg art of marketing.jpg satire.jpg daily delusion_v2.jpg universe inside.jpg being there_v3.jpg door.jpg we dream during the process--.jpg usually fails_-.jpg tribe.jpg ctrl pnl.jpg plot thickens.jpg used to matter.jpg keeper of nothing.jpg then he sat and watched the world for a millennia or two.jpg Council.jpg sword.jpg color scheme was not built in a day, you know.jpg constructing.jpg very own folklore.jpg second eye_v2.jpg know who rocks- @khawlaalmarri rocks.jpg I see when I see us_v2.jpg desert palace is in the city.jpg chase.jpg poet.jpg best promise yet_v2.jpg entrance.jpg is living without the theatrics.jpg world.jpg beauty.jpg grit.jpg of the World-King of Nothing.jpg conversation.jpg all I do.jpg am there, somewhere.jpg am independently yours.jpg day on repeat_-_v2.jpg prototype.jpg prototype.jpg prototype.jpg inclinations.jpg!.jpg a state and its opposite.jpg at the end there was also the end.jpg waiting for a decade or two.jpg meaningful pause.jpg know they have the all seeing eye, yet we are the secret_-.jpg the Levant_-.jpg did this (as you conjured up despair_)-.jpg rebel of the Arabs_-.jpg these lights and nothing to display_-.jpg you, because you are my icon, my jewel, my queen, my precious_-.jpg