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Salem Al-Mansoori is an interdisciplinary designer, and a maker of generative, data-driven, narrative-based works, whether visual, functional, or computational. His body of work crosses disciplines and varies from digital fabrication to data visualization to algorithm-based visual art installations. His professional and academic background is in computational engineering; he graduated summa cum laude from Khalifa University in 2006. He worked as a manager/product development in Etisalat, and also holds an MBA from the American University in Dubai. However, his passion lies in the construction of aesthetic systems that are capable of generating infinitely varying visual elements. His work has been exhibited in the 28th Annual Exhibition of the Emirates Society of Fine Arts, Design Days Dubai, and Tashkeel, among others. He was also one of the four chosen Emirati designer in the first Design Road Dubai program to create and exhibit a piece with the mentorship of Lagranja, a design studio in Barcelona.

Salem is currently pursuing his Master's in Interactive Telecommunications in the ITP program at Tisch School of the Arts, NYU, in New York.

I am concerned with the systematic, the structural, and the poetic mundane. My approach to my work is process-driven, analytical, and deeply, personally introspective. Creation, to me, is the uncovering of patterns, whether visual or narrative-based, as a contemplative act, through which I hope to fulfill an inherent need in me to express certain, geometric aesthetics. I do that by creating generative systems capable of producing works of art following the rules, mathematical, algorithmic, or otherwise, that I set forth for my visual systems to adhere to, play with, and occasionally break.

US: (917) 724 5846
UAE: +971 50 4878181